A lesson in building for the future

With an impressive portfolio and in depth knowledge of construction for education, Charcon Construction Solutions has a proven record of creating safe, practical and inspirational spaces for independent learning.

Taking direction from school building programmes across the UK, Charcon Construction Solutions creates educational facilities that are not only functional now, but can grow and adapt alongside the community. The modular nature of Charcon Construction Solutions’s building products ensures that alterations and additions can easily be made in the future.

The superior thermal and sound insulating properties of Charcon Construction Solutions’s building systems make them perfect for multi purpose educational facilities, and the natural fire and weather resistance of the material make it a safe and comfortable option for this type of environment.

Appearance, functionality and providing best value are key elements of UK school building requirements and working together with architects and enabling bodies, and to guidelines set by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), Charcon Construction Solutions provides structural core for this specialised area of construction.

Charcon Construction Solutions’s expert team can integrate services, products and systems that work together from the initial stages of construction. From groundwork preparation and design, to the delivery and professional assembly of flooring and stairs. Charcon Construction Solutions’s all in one integrated approach strives to provide energy, cost and time saving benefits to its clients.