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Charcon provides factory manufactured precast flooring systems specifically engineered to suit a range of construction projects.

Whatever the flooring requirement, a solution can be found in Charcon’s extensive product range which includes beam and block, hollowcore and prestressed systems, as well as innovative brands include Beamshield Plus and TETRiS®.


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Hollow Core
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Beam & Block
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Coupled with technical and design advice from in house professionals and an integrated approach incorporating products such as FASTBEAM foundations, Quad-Lock ICF, precast stairs and landings, Charcon can tailor safe, expertly installed flooring solutions for most developments.

Charcon flooring products are factory produced to a high degree of accuracy and quality conforming to BS EN ISO 14001 and BS EN ISO 9001. In line with its commitment to sustainability, these systems can contribute to higher ratings under the Code for Sustainable Homes and offer energy saving benefits throughout the life of a building.

Just in time delivery is available nationwide  saving on storage space, avoiding schedule delays and enabling fast access for follow on trades.  Charcon offers an optional fixing service carried out by its own skilled crews. Charcon’s main priority is the safety of the workforce and building and countering the risk of progressive collapse.


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Charcon hollowcore flooring slabs range from 150mm to 250mm and achieve a 28 day strength of over 60N. Hollowcore design makes the product easier to transport and handle during construction, and requires less material to manufacture compared to solid concrete slabs thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Beam and Block

Charcon’s bespoke beam and block system is composed of prestressed concrete beams - available in various profiles - with standard building blocks laid in between.