Topographical Survey

Getting it right - from the ground up

Topographical surveys are carried out to establish the nature and suitability of a construction site as well as to gather information on elevations and surface features of the surrounding terrain, both inherent and built.
Surveyed information is processed into 3D spatial imaging, which can be used to assist in planning applications, architectural design and construction works.
Charcon Construction Solutions offers more than 20 years’ experience in completing topographical surveys, producing clear, accurate results time after time.
Topological Surveys are essential in anticipating potential problems and issues before building begins, and can make subsequent construction programmes and developments safer and more cost efficient in the long run.
Charcon provides an end to end service, from initial site investigation to the production of a completed area image, with ongoing survey services available throughout the duration of the project if required, including  a final built survey.
Topographical surveys can form the basis of an integrated design, supply and installation package to include follow on ground works such as piling and foundations.  As part of its integrated solutions service, Charcon can continue to provide products and expertise for most stages of a project, allowing for a ‘joined-up’ build schedule.
Charcon’s experienced survey team use the very latest in Trimble GPS technology and surveys are completed in line with Ordnance Survey standards.

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