Soil Testing and Remediation

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Charcon Construction Solutions’ site investigation team can identify areas of contaminated land and advise on the most appropriate and cost effective remediation options available.
As part of its site assessment service, Charcon can carry out laboratory based geotechnical and ground contamination testing, complete in situ groundwater and ground gas monitoring and provide both factual and interpretive ground investigation reports.
Where required, Human Health and Controlled Waters Risk Assessments (Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment and Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment) can be undertaken to determine if ground conditions below a site are suitable and appropriate for the proposed end use.
In the event of contamination, Charcon experts liaise with regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency, NHBC and the Local Authority, to produce a remediation strategy to satisfy any applied planning conditions before acceptance and final sign off.
Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater often involves methods such as clean cover and delineation/removal, or using concrete to solidify or stabilise the affected area - but wherever warranted, considerations are also made to other physical, chemical, biological and thermal technologies that are currently available.
Charcon can implement and project manage various remediation options as well as provide access to specialists for the undertaking of required work.

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